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Vibram is an Italian company based in Albizzate founded by Vitale Bramani. In 1935, the deaths of six of Bramani's mountaineering friends in the Italian Alps was partly blamed on inadequate footwear. The tragedy drove Bramani to develop a new climbing sole. Two years later, he patented his invention and launched the first rubber lug soles on the market with a tread design called the "Carrarmato", with the financial backing of Leopoldo Pirelli of Pirelli tires.

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Midorikawa and Suicoke Release Vibram FiveFingers Shoes Outlet Sale With Colored Toenails

Following collaborative cashmere-lined sandals with the Elder Statesman, Suicoke and Japanese label Midorikawa have now released their playful spin on the Vibram FiveFingers shoes.

Midorikawa is known for its bold and evocative designs that challenge conventional gender norms through outlandish yet thoughtful design. These collaborative pairs are no different, reworking the already questionable “toe shoes” with nude and colored toenails. The ankle-height pairs feature an elastic mesh upper with yellow Vibram logos above the big toe and heel counter, and Suicoke branding along the tongue section. Plastic-painted nails rest above each toe and matching MEGAGRIP outsoles below complete the look. 6 colorways are available based on ivory, snow, and mocha skin tones.

The collaborative pairs will be on sale from November 19 at the Suicoke and Midorikawa online stores for ¥25,000 JPY (approximately $220 USD).

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Vibram and VEJA collaboration Outlet Store Online

Both teams created the Dekkan, a style influenced by VEJA’s running technology and Vibram’s know-how.

VEJA and Vibram’s collaboration calls for exploration with its new technical outdoor-inspired style. Both teams created the Dekkan, a style influenced by VEJA’s running technology and Vibram’s know-how.

The name inspiration dawns after the Dekkan lava plateau, located in India. An ancient remnant of Earth’s original continent formed by the time dinosaurs went extinct.

Together with the Italian company Vibram, VEJA has co-developed a unique formulation using Amazonian rubber, GEB (Granulado Escuro Brasiliano) for the outsole and VEJA’s EVA sugarcane-based for the midsole. Developed after several months of tests, VEJA and Vibram forged together the ultimate functional sole. The sole is a mix of ecological materials and Vibram’s world-leading technology. This collaboration brings together the synergy of both teams under one polyvalent style made for walking long distances.

The sole offers a good balance of grip, durability and abrasion resistance thanks to the GEB rubber, plus cushioning and energy return thanks to the E.V.A.

The upper crafted by VEJA and made of Alveomesh, 100% recycled polyester, is framed with waterproof TPU sidewalls and rubber pieces at the front and heel to offer protection.

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Vibram Outlet Online presents 2022 global athlete team

Following strong performances by established athletes in Europe and China, the brand expands its roster of athletes in North America.

Vibram is expanding its athlete team into North America with eight new athletes joining its iconic family.

Across Europe and China, the brand has formed several award-winning athlete teams in the Climbing, Mountain Bike, Ski and Trail Running specialties throughout the years, allowing the company to stay connected with the outdoor community.

This year, the well-known faces of Gediminas Grinius, Matteo Della Bordella and Scotty Hawker, the undisputed protagonists of past sports seasons that have represented Vibram in the most important world expeditions and competitions will be joined by several US athletes as well as a group of new European talents. The other athlete in the team is the Italian ultrarunner and coach Stefano Ruzza, who launched the running coaching program “My Road to Ultra” that will bring six selected runners towards their first ultra-distance race in the US in March 2022.

The new athletes joining the Vibram US Trail Running Team are: Meredith Edwards (Pro Ultra Trail runner and Skialp athlete with numerous victories and podiums across the globe), Amber Febbraro (Elite Ultra Trail runner) , Alyssa Clark (Ultra Trail runner who holds the Guinness World Record for 95 Marathons in 95 Days), Abby Jahn (competitive skyrunner), Corbyn Jahn (elite triathlete and marathoner). Sienna Kopf (Combined Pan-American Champion 2021) and Kevin Capps (expert guide and climber with over 150 first ascents) will be part of the Vibram US Climbing Team, while Michael Mawn (men’s snowboard winner of the 2022 Freeride World Tour Baqueira Beret stop), joins the Vibram US Skialp Alpine team.

Joining the Vibram family’s European athlete team are Vincent Loustau (FR, Trail running Team, who’s expected to be a leader in the top ranking of the Skyrunner World Series), and Eliott Lapotre (FR, Mountain Bike Team). Despite their young age, Oriane Bertone (FR, Climbing Team) and Hamish McArthur (UK, Climbing Team) are already leading athletes in their discipline and are expected to bring the climbing world to another level.

Vibram will be sharing the races, projects and events of each athlete throughout the year on the brand’s social media channels and invites everyone to follow along to support, in-person or from afar.

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How to choose the best vibram fivefingers shoes outlet

Vibram Five Fingers aren’t like any other normal footwear. These shoes are designed to fit like a glove, so you’ll have the freedom and comfort needed to nail whatever activity you have your sights set on. They’re ideal for running, workouts in the gym, sports including yoga, or pretty much any situation where you want your feet to feel like a million bucks!

Vibram Five Fingers Sizing Problems

Using your Vibram Five Fingers with the perfect fit is vital if you wanna get the best out of them, so here, we’re gonna explain exactly how to go about making sure these bad boys fit you flawlessly. Let’s get going.

How should Five fingers Fit

Without further ado, watch the video and refer to the sizing chart below.

How are Fivefingers shoes supposed to fit?

When you wear any kind of typical shoe, be it trainers or smart work shoes, you no doubt aim to have a little bit of space between your toes and the end of the shoe. The is usually called “wiggle room”, and in most cases, it’ll be about half an inch of space. When wearing your FiveFingers, this space isn’t necessary. In fact, you want to avoid it.

Your feet should be able to move and flex naturally, with each toe being able to maneuver and wiggle independently. With FiveFingers, the ideal fit is where your toes just about graze the end of each toe pocket.

What size Vibram Five Fingers should I get?

Your FiveFingers are too big if you’re toes keep slipping out of the pockets. If your toes feel too scrunched up when you try to extend and flex them, you’ll need to try one size up to see if this gives you better freedom.

Do I need socks in Vibram FiveFingers?

You want the snuggest fit possible, so aim for a size that’s slightly too big and you should get a great fit with the extra layer.  

The ultimate aim with FiveFingers is that you feel like you’re pretty much wearing nothing at all! Everyone’s toes are different, so your fit might not mean all of your toes are perfectly filling each pocket, but that’s fine. As long as your largest toes are pretty much fitting their pockets perfectly as described above and none of your other toes are falling out of their pockets at any time, the shoes will feel as good as they can on you.  

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How To Transition into Vibram Five Fingers

Please keep in mind that with your first pair of VFF’s, there will be a bit of a “breaking in period” as you allow your feet to get used to new experience.

VFF’s do require a little breaking in themselves, some designs need more than others. A little bit of tightness during the first couple of weeks is normal, as they should form to your shape more closely over time.

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To sum up:

If you want your FiveFingers to fit as well as possible, here’s what you need to aim for:

  1. All toes can extend fully
  2. NONE of your toes feel cramped inside any of the toe pockets
  3. NONE of your toes fall out of any toe pockets when you wiggle them

That’s that! We hope this guide has helped! By following the above pointers you can get out there and enjoy the comfort and complete freedom promised by your Vibram Five Finger shoes!

Vibram Fivefingers Sizing Chart


Vibram Furoshiki Sizing Chart

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Vibram Fivefingers Outlet : Are Sneakerheads Ready for Barefoot Shoes?

The world of men's shoes is undoubtedly as wild as it has ever been, but even by those standards, the Vibram FiveFingers is still pretty damn absurd. Yet, if fashion has taught us one thing, it is that nothing is off-limits. In 2010, The New York Times Magazine wondered if the design "could quite possibly be the new Crocs." Well, 11 years later, and Crocs are certifiably cool, co-signed by too many streetwear designers and famous musicians to list here. Even Vibram's signature soles have managed to become an immovable part of red-hot sneaker design. As for the FiveFingers...only time will tell. When it comes to this era of footwear, we've learned to expect the unexpected. One can only imagine that Vibram is keeping its fingers—or, better yet, its toes—crossed that the FiveFingers will finally get its moment in the sneaker sun. ..........Read full article

Vibram Fivefingers Outlet Corporation Announces Management Changes

Vibram Corporation, North Brookfield, MA said today that Michael Gionfriddo has announced his retirement as the company’s President & CEO effective December 31, 2018, and that Fabrizio Gamberini has been appointed the new President of Vibram Corporation in the United States. The Company also announced that Richard Riegel, currently a member of Vibram Corporation’s Board of Directors has been appointed Chairman of Vibram Corporation. Both new appointments are effective today. ..........Read full article

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